The role of assessment in the language classroom by professor lia plakans

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Applied Linguistics, Global and Local

Lia Plakans, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Foreign Language Education Prior to earning her Ph.D.

Department of Curriculum & Instruction (512) University of Texas at Austin, College of Education

in Foreign Language and ESL Education at The University of Iowa, Lia Plakans spent 15 years teaching English as a second/foreign language in Texas, Iowa, Ohio, and Latvia, working with learners in a range of settings from pre-K community-based programs.

Download "Department of Curriculum & Instruction () University of Texas at Austin, College of Education". (Atta Gebril is an associate professor at the Department of Applied Linguistics, the American University in Cairo.

He obtained his PhD in Foreign Language and ESL Education with a minor in language testing from the University of Iowa. while the other three focus on classroom practices including feedback to learners and the partnerships between content and English language teachers.

arguing that its focus on differences in rhetorical choices across languages makes this area of applied linguistic the target for criticism.

The role of assessment in the language classroom by professor lia plakans
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Foreign Language Teaching Methods: Assessment