The food in rome

Ancient Rome

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10 Places To Eat Incredibly Well In Rome, Italy

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Rome food and cuisine

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A Kitchen in Rome

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Fast food has been around for quite some time. Even ancient people hankered for a spot where they could swing by and grab a hot meal. For the ancient Romans, that's where thermopolia came in. Our food tour takes you to the best places to eat in Rome, this 4 hour walking tour will let you experience traditional Roman food, culture and history.

• Ancient Roman fast food joints were called "thermopolia." • These restaurants had a bad reputation, but they provided fast and cheap meals to the poor of ancient Rome. Fast food has been.

Rome food and cuisine "What to eat and drink when in Rome". When in Rome, there is one thing you won’t have to worry about: being able to find a nice place to eat. Our food tours in Rome take you off the tourist path, to experience the real taste of the city.

Enjoy one of Italy’s most pleasurable passions and let all your senses. The World Food Programme's long experience in humanitarian and development contexts has positioned the organization well to support resilience building in order to improve food security and nutrition.

The food in rome
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