The controversial battle over the flying of the confederate flag on government buildings

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Modern display of the Confederate flag

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For decades, the Confederate flag, or some variation of it, has either flown or been displayed or embedded in state flags in Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, and Alabama and in decades past.

Where Should the Confederate Flag Be Flown?

Inthe city and federal courthouse both flew the more recognizable and controversial battle flag, featuring a blue “X” with white stars over a red background. Jun 25,  · The Confederate battle flag that waves near South Carolina's statehouse once flew over the state's Capitol building, part of a larger rebuke by several Southern states of.

Jun 21,  · Debates over displaying the Confederate battle flag are as familiar here as grits and sweet tea. In the wake of the racially motivated shootings at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, last week, a picture of the gunman holding a Confederate flag (Confederate battle flag, technically) gave new momentum to a long-standing debate: Should the Confederate flag be flown over government buildings.

Jun 24,  · Remove confederate flag from government buildings? By gftChris, I know when you delve deep into the history of the ACTUAL flag flown over buildings it wasn't the confederate flag, battle flag etc.

But, I think it's pretty hard to argue against the fact that the flag also symbolizes a deep issue of race and segregation in the Deep .

The controversial battle over the flying of the confederate flag on government buildings
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