The african queen

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A People’s Journey, A Nation’s Story

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The iconic vessel the African Queen is located in Key Largo Florida. Made famous in the movie of the same name starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn she still remains a timeless classic. - The african Queen was built in at Lytham shipbuilding in England.

Originally she was named the S/L Livingstone She was immediately shipped to the British East Africa Railways company on the Victoria Nile and Lake Albert. Lake Albert is located on the border of the Belgian Congo and Uganda. The African Queen () is the uncomplicated tale of two companions with mismatched, "opposites attract" personalities who develop an implausible love affair as they travel together downriver in Africa around the start of World War I.

This quixotic film by director John Huston, based on the The African Queen (also known as S/L Livingstone) is the boat used in the movie The African Queen starring Humprey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn. It is located in Key Largo, February 18,it was added to the U.S.

National Register of Historic Places. History. The boat was built of riveted sheet iron in in the United Kingdom for service in Africa on the Victoria Nile. The African Queen is one of those few ass-kicking novels that comes along and reminds me that there is the occasional sparkling gem of classic genius buried beneath the /5.

The African Queen

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The african queen
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