Summary of the californian s tale

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Who was Mark Twain?

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What is the theme of Mark Twain's

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Nov 19,  · The main character in the Californian's Tale by Mark Twain is never named. He arrives in town and is welcomed into a house by the man of the name of Henry, who's wife has died but he is.

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"The Californian's Tale" by Mark Twain is a short story about a man, Henry, waiting for his wife to come home. What the narrator and reader do not know until the end of the story is that Henry's wife has been dead for 19 years.

The Californian’s Tale is about a lone wanderer who stumbles into a strange little town somewhere in California. He realizes that this town is almost deserted with very few residents in the area.

There are two central themes in Mark Twain's "The Californian's Tale": grief and empathy. The persona of the short story was a prospector, most probably during the California Gold Rush.

Stanislaus River is one of the rivers in California, and Tuttletown is one of the towns near a gold-rush community.

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What is a summary of The Californian's Tale by Mark Twain