Quantitative reasoning and the mathematical contributions of leonardo da vinci

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He approached most of his investigations through quantitative measurements. Contributions and Achievements: He was the first to recognize hydrogen gas as a distinct substance for which he calculated its density as well as the densities of several other gases.

One approach to this problem is to formalize commonsense reasoning using mathematical logic. Commonsense Reasoning: An Event Calculus Based Approach is a detailed, high-level reference on logic-based commonsense reasoning. Using the inspiration of Leonardo da Vinci to build a new, humanistic computing that focuses on users' needs and goals.

Depending on the school, the requirement might be a general requirement (CMU) or a distribution requirement, e.g., to satisfy a science and technology (MIT), empirical and mathematical reasoning (Harvard), or a quantitative reasoning (Princeton) requirement. He considered that some of the mathematical devices Ptolemy introduced into astronomy, especially the equant, failed to satisfy the physical requirement of uniform circular motion, and noted the absurdity of relating actual physical motions to imaginary mathematical points, lines and circles:[87].

RECOMMENDED BOOKS ON GERONTOLOGY: Leonardo da Vinci [ - ] Architect, Geologist, Hydrologist, Mechanical Engineer, Musician (Viola), Sculpture, Painter His most influential contributions include his defense of logicism (the optimistic expectation that all of mathematics is in some important sense reducible to mathematical logic.

Quantitative reasoning and the mathematical contributions of leonardo da vinci
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