Exploring the special characteristics of planet earth

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Why is the earth unique?

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What Makes Earth Special Compared to Other Planets

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What are some unique characteristics of planet earth that make it a place for life? There are three major characteristics for life, as we know. • Cite some of the characteristics of Earth which make it unique in our solar system, including: Earth’s moderate temperature, the abundance of liquid Describe the characteristics of planet Earth to an “alien” from another Page 8 Exploring Earth, Sun, and.

Video: Major Characteristics of Planets in the Solar System This lesson will go over some characteristics of the planets in our solar system with respect to their masses, diameters, temperatures.

Compared to the 8 major planets, Pluto was thought unique becauseit was a rocky planet, far from the Sun, in an orbit highly angledfrom the plane of the other planets.

It also has a moon, Charon,that has significant mass, enough to make them effectivelyco-orbiting bodies. Earth’s surface characteristics, atmosphere, life forms, and general appearance.

Have students work in small groups to write a one page description of planet Earth. After completing the assignment, have a member of each group read the report to the class. After each report is read, list some of Earth’s unique characteristics on the board.

Earth is one special planet—and it seems the more we learn, the more we know it! Earth is one special planet—and it seems the more we learn, the more we know it!

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Exploring the special characteristics of planet earth
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What Makes Earth Special Compared to Other Planets