An analysis of the color of water by james mcbride

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The Color of Water: Character Profiles

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The Color of Water: Theme Analysis

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The Color of Water Summary & Study Guide

James McBride James is the author and main narrator of the memoir, which details moments of his own life in order to highlight his mother’s. He inherits his father’s musical talent, studying the saxophone.

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The Color of Water Analysis

It&#;s pop culture on steroids. Character analysis The Color of Water by James McBride James McBride James McBride is one of the Main narrators in the novel, and he is the son of Ruth and Dennis McBride. James McBride's The Color of Water Essay - James McBride's The Color of Water James McBride's memoir, The Color of Water, demonstrates a man's search for identity and a sense of self that derives from his multiracial family.

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An analysis of the color of water by james mcbride
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