A research on the organizational development and change theory of usstratacom

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Organization Development Research Paper Starter

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Organization development

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Theory of change

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The "Research in Organizational Change and Development" series is an outlet for cutting edge conceptual and empirical scholarly contributions that have the capacity to shape research and practice.

The field of organizational change and development continues to evolve rapidly, as the demand for rapid and effective organizational transformation. 1. A theory of change explains how activities are understood to contribute to a series of results that produce the final intended impacts.

2. There are different ways of developing and representing a theory of change. 3. In an impact evaluation, the existing theory of change should be. Abstract Recent analyses of organizational change suggest a growing concern with the tempo of change, understood as the characteristic rate, rhythm, or pattern of work or activity.

Episodic change is contrasted with continuous change on the basis of implied metaphors of organizing, analytic frameworks, ideal organizations, intervention theories, and roles for change agents.

Decades of research show just how important leadership, management and frontline associates are in times of change. Organizational change capability results not from a few expert specialists, but from within and throughout the organization. Enterprise Change Management – the term we use to describe embedding change capability into the organization – will become a central focus for many.

of Research and Development through the Management Decision and Research Center, a program within the Health Services Research and Development Service. Purpose of the Organizational Change Primer: to provide an introduction or to expand u n d e r - standing, information, and knowledge about the concepts and application of organizational change.

A research on the organizational development and change theory of usstratacom
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