A research on the effects of spore density on the sexing of the fern ceratopteris richardii

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Reproduction and the pheromonal regulation of sex type in fern gametophytes

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Characterization of Mutations That Feminize Gametophytes of the Fern Ceratopteris

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Effect of Spore Density on the Sex Determination of Ceratopteris richardii Abstract: The fern Ceratopteris richardii is observed to have both hermaphroditic and exclusively male modes of. Density Affects Gametophyte Growth and Sexual Expression of Osmunda cinnamomea (Osmundaceae: Pteridophyta) YAO-MOAN HUANG, 1 Genetic interactions among sex-determining genes in the fern Ceratopteris richardii Genetics Greer GK.

The influencce of soil topography and spore-rain density on gender expression in gametophyte populations.

Like many nonseed plants, the fern Ceratopteris richardii produces only one type of spore (i.e., is homosporous), yet each Ceratopteris spore has the potential to develop as a free-living haploid gametophyte that produces only sperm or produces both egg and sperm.

The effects of light on sex determination in gametophytes of the fern Ceratopteris richardii Spore germination was conducted at a spore density of 20 spores mL–1,at26 C, The wild-type spores of Ceratopteris richardii were illuminated for 45 h under white light, to trigger the.

The Effects of Sugars and Ethylene on Apospory and Regeneration in Ceratopteris richardii. regeneration in the fern Ceratopteris richardii.

Spores were inoculated at a density of - The Effect of Spore Density on Germination and Development in Pteridium, Monitored Using a Novel Culture Technique Article in American Fern Journal 90(3) · .

A research on the effects of spore density on the sexing of the fern ceratopteris richardii
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