A history of the mullet hairstyle and the art of mullet hunting in the united states

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The mullet haircut: A history

While literature’s first mullet mention may have come from the ancient Greek poet Homer—in The Iliad, he described the Abantes, a group of spearmen, as wearing “their forelocks cropped, hair. In the United States of the s, the mullet became popular within lesbian culture, where it came to be used as a way of identifying oneself as a member of that culture in public.

These interesting photos show people in mullet hairstyles from between the s and early s.

The Unkindest Cut: A Short History of the Mullet

Currently, mullet are in the process of a full population recovery. Prized for their roe, large numbers of mullet are taken during the migration to spawning grounds offshore. The striped mullet is sold fresh, dried, salted, and frozen with the roe sold fresh or smoked.

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The Mullet Wasn't Just An '80s Thing: Rebels Have Rocked It for Centuries A history of the mullet hairstyle and the art of mullet hunting in the united states
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The Mullet Wasn't Just An '80s Thing: Rebels Have Rocked It for Centuries - HISTORY