A discussion on the topic of same sex marriage based on the religious perspective

Where Christian churches, other religions stand on gay marriage

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Same Sex Marriage Sources for your Essay

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Same Sex Marriage

Opposite-sex couples get married on Friday and divorce on Monday. So what is the big issue? The hot topic these days seems to be the highly controversial issue of same-sex marriage. Should it be legalized?

No. Same-sex marriage should not be legalized due to its harmful effects on societal order, the Constitution, and traditional religious values. The Supreme Court ruling earlier this year legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide has continued to raise questions about how the decision will affect religious groups – especially those that remain opposed to allowing gay and lesbian couples to wed.

Religious views on same-sex marriage

The court’s ruling makes clear that clergy. Additionally, same-sex couples in legal unions are more likely to remain in a committed relationship than those denied marriage rights.

Same Sex Marriage in California - Essay Example

Taken together, the research shows that there's no scientific basis for denying marriage rights to same-sex couples, and doing so can adversely affect them as well as their family and friends. Abstract: Some same-sex marriage activists might wish to exclude certain moral and religious viewpoints from the same-sex marriage debate.

Evidence shows, however, that religion and moral. Dreher’s argument suggests that in the absence of a real religious revival, it is only a matter of time until all American states recognize same-sex marriage.

A Discussion of Same-Sex Marriage - The topic of same-sex marriage, or gay marriage, is extremely divisive in today's society.

This paper will address some of the issues surrounding gay marriage.

A discussion on the topic of same sex marriage based on the religious perspective
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