A discussion on the maquiladora industry

Female homicides in Ciudad Juárez

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Mexico's maquiladoras depend on female labor

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Detailed discussion Revenue Rule. the publication of this rule is welcome news to the maquiladora industry, as it provides needed flexibility to the productive income test. Also, the Revenue Rule provides companies with additional certainty and, for those maquiladoras that were not able to restructure by 1 July, additional time to define.

Discussion Guide MAQUILAPOLIS [city of factories] A Film by Vicky Funari and Sergio De La Torre 19 S e a s o n. California, Dear Colleagues, We hope that through this film people come to understand their own relation with Tijuana, with the maquiladora industry, with Carmen, Lourdes and other maquiladora workers.

In other words: the way. Detailed discussion Decree. Additional deduction for certain employee wages and benefits. The following rules relate to the maquiladora industry. Transition rule for meeting the productive activity test.

Under the tax reform for% of the “productive activity” of a maquiladora must be from maquiladora activities in order to. Comprehensive review of the NAFTA Agreement Step by step discussion on each rule of origin under NAFTA Completing the NAFTA certificate as Producer or Exporter Overview of the interaction between NAFTA and the HTS code** Attend NAFTA Rules of Origin Seminar Today MAQUILADORA INDUSTRY; ANNEX SPECIFIC RULES OF.

Health and Environmental Risks of the Maquiladora in Mexicali Roberto A. Sanchez,Health and Environmental Risks of the Maquiladora in Mexicali, 30Nat.

Resources J (). maquiladora industry (24 percent of. The inflexible % requirement had raised significant concerns among the maquiladora industry and resulted in a need for many maquiladoras earning certain .

A discussion on the maquiladora industry
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